The tale of king Hezekiah is of a man whose utmost desire
Was to please his Maker and never incur His ire
Though he succeeded king Ahaz an idolatrous father
He rid the kingdom of idols lest sin should fester any further

He restored the Passover and feasts of convocation
He made the nation of Judah a holy congregation
At the time of his coronation, the priesthood was no good
It was vile with pagan weeds and defiled by idolatrous habits
As a more righteous intercessor he righted the priestly transgressors

At the start of his reign he rebelled against Assyria
Who had subdued Judah during the reign of his father
His gallantry set Judah free and made her be
The dominant power of the hour-for neighbours brought tribute
And the state that was a slave to sin now become lord of her scene

Not for long-the song of wholeness restored could not last forever
A test came from a vengeful king whose thirst for territory
Made him lay siege to Judah and threaten to overrun Jerusalem
The ancient adversaries-adamant and arrogant Assyrians were back

They were at the gates of Jerusalem-whose wall was the only barrier
While Hezekiah called for a national prayer meeting to ask for deliverance
The Assyrians sent a crier to the city’s wall to fuel fear’s fire and say that
Judah need not trust in their God-no deity had halted the Assyrian thrust
Was Judah’s God greater than the deities of other conquered territories?

Assyrian verbal propaganda soon escalated to written memoranda
The praying king  took the blasphemous letter to the temple
God replied through the prophet Isaiah that Sennacherib’s desire
Will perish like a dew-inspired  dream at the dawn of day

God killed his entire army in a single night without a fight
The solitary warrior then returned home desolate and was soon to be late
His sons murdered him, preferring treason’s hate to his ignominious fate

The troubles of the righteous king did not end there
He soon fell gravely ill and was told by the prophet that he was over the hill
He was going to die, it was time to take stock and prepare the will

Hezekiah wept sore and prayed fervently for he wanted to live more
He recounted his acts of service in restoring true worship
God recanted, and granted the king fifteen more years

He got an incremental fifteen year lease of life on God’s earth
But this new tenancy deal was sealed by God’s permissive will
This last decade and half was the worst period of Hezekiah’s life

Intoxicated with pride, he became numb to spiritual sensitivities
And staged an exhibition of temple treasures for a Babylonian mission
Doubly wrong, for sacred vessels are not for the pagan tourist throng
And the visit was the precursor of later acquisition by military invasion

While proudly flaunting, he cast his pearls before a powerful predator
Who in time profaned it and crushed his kingdom like a defeated matador

God’s first decision may not be good in our sight
Yet it is the perfect expression of His still, small voice
His second is permissive for we will have many battles to fight
The Word is perfect-seeking exemptions is not the right choice

One thought on “Hezekiah

  1. anafricandiva March 19, 2016 / 9:46 am

    ALL of that last paragraph! Hezekiah also had a useless son in those last 15 years who should never have been born. Truly tragic.


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