Job’s Trial


Job was a blessed man who loved the Lord
He had a happy family-seven sons and three daughters
Job had prospered too in animal husbandry
He had about eleven thousand animals in inventory

His children-like offspring of the wealthy had their stealthy parties
Where Job was an uninvited guest to the serial feasts
Though he was not going, he would not commit the sin of not knowing
Daily he made sacrifices for any sin that might have been
Committed by his frolicking kids while they sported

If a finite man who cannot foretell filial transgressions
Should by paternal love make such a provisional propitiation
It should not surprise us that God, knowing our lot
Slew the Lamb of God-a provision for redemption by blood
Before the world began and sin started it’s wicked span
Being infinite He foresaw all and made a propitiation by predestination

One day, Satan the perpetually wandering waster
Ambled into the court of heaven and was asked to witness
To the fidelity and purity of Job; he refused citing God’s sovereignty
He said Job was a recipient of Divine bounty, why would he mutiny?
Job was only pledged to the cause of God because he was hedged

But if the court would grant him leave to attack Job without relief
Then Job would certainly budge and curse the Great Judge
God granted Satan’s prayer but with a layer of protection
A restraining injunction; in all of the strife Job’s life must be untouched

One day, the dam of bad news broke, hell was let loose
And reporter after reporter interrupted Job’s mourning
More sad news breaking; a devastating hurricane, a heavenly fire
Marauding bands of animal rustlers all combined to decimate
Job’s family and wealth, only his life, health and wife remained

Yet Job did not curse despite the magnitude of his loss
So Satan had lost the toss but was ready to gamble again
He prayed the Divine Court for the right to strike Job’s health
Surely Job would recant once his pain was palpably felt

Though skin worms devoured Job’s flesh, his spirit was whole
Though his wife in her anguish wanted him to end his life
She asked him to curse God, hoping that judgement would end his misery
Yet Job never flagged, his retort gagged his wife from further profanity

In the midst of this dire and perilous situation
Three friends came to offer sympathy and consolation
But seeing the extent of apparent divine retribution
They opined that Job must have done something worthy of desolation

In many trials of life, bystanders often assume wrongly
Seeing punishment where God sees purpose and refinement
He that would be gold must pass through a seven-fold furnace

Job maintained his innocence for he knew the sacrifice stood for him
All sins committed and all righteous acts omitted had been remitted
Let this be your conviction too-the blood is a perfect propitiation

In his depression, Job began to find fault with his Maker
If God is just, then why should a man of his integrity suffer?
Till Elihu, the fourth man reproved him on the matter

When men had finished their diagnosis and analysis
God had His say, he admonished Job about His Majesty
Who can question the wisdom of the Creator who made bountiful Nature?
What is man beside One who created the earth with a masterplan?
Could Job trace the whirlwind or brace to meet the leviathan?

Teaching us that the vast universe with its wonders is for His glory
Therefore all the twists and turns in our lives are part of that story

Because Job held out, still believing and not renouncing
The Court struck out the Devil’s claim that Job was selfishly serving
The Great Judge awarded Job double for his trouble
A twofold compensation for damages caused by a callous trial

The plaintiff slunk away in despair-fading into the air
Roundly defeated, he had lost even the will to appeal
Preferring to hunt for new defendants with cunning zeal
If you ever get in the dock, may you have the grace to stay true like Job

7 thoughts on “Job’s Trial

  1. 'Becca March 28, 2016 / 7:37 pm

    Wow! Very inspiring piece.👏👏 We all need the Grace to stay true in trying times… knowing that there are more bountiful & glorious days ahead. I’m blessed by this piece. Keep it up!


  2. Sarah March 29, 2016 / 1:40 am

    Could Job trace the whirlwind or brace to meet the leviathan?
    My oh my!!!
    Truly inspiring piece.


  3. Sarah March 29, 2016 / 1:43 am

    Could Job trace the whirlwind or brace to meet the leviathan?
    The wonders if God’s creation who can fathom?
    My oh my!!!
    Truly inspiring piece.


  4. Lois March 29, 2016 / 2:09 am

    The Great Judge awarded Job double for his trouble….wonderful….so inspiring!!!


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