Esther & Mordecai


This ode to the Jewish Queen of Persia
Would be faint praise without her uncle’s mention
For he by the tender mercies of filial adoption
Preserved and prepared her for later service to her nation

The Great King Ahasuerus had a quondam Queen
Called Vashti, whose pride made her a has-been
She disregarded the King’s summon-thinking it common
The King was angry that his grace was spurned
So decided to cast away she that had scorned

The church of Laodecia-nominally called Christ’s Bride
Like Vashti of old she should call Him Lord
Yet she routinely ignores the summons of His Word
She is lukewarm; the half-way house of an indifferent spouse

Christ does the same as Ahasuerus; He spews her out of His mouth
Thus she is ejected by the same Word she has rejected
In Christ’s view you must be fully in or out; partly in equals out

Vashti’s loss was Esther’s gain, for the King began to scout
Many maidens were called, only one was chosen
Many were valiant in preening and stout in their pout
But once she emerged, lights went out for others

There would be darkness in Laodicea too-a famine of the Word
Dark dogmas, creeping creeds and garish signs dominate
Mercy’s Light shines in Goshen; the rest raucously ruminate

Not long after, the great Persian Haman sought to harm Mordecai
Because he was not of the sycophants’ breed and would not feed
His massive ego by bowing down to the proud courtier

For this Haman wanted to kill Mordecai and all the Jewish Seed
It was a flimsy excuse to exterminate the Jewish nation
The Persian precursor to Hitler’s dreaded final solution

Haman lobbied the King and he issued damnable decrees
Mordecai heard it and was in great sorrow for the morrow
That would only bring anguish and grief to his people

Esther heard of his agitation and sent calming emissaries
He replied that she should not feel protected or nimble
For though the Jewish people were in trouble and seemed feeble
If she failed to act, help from elsewhere will keep Jewry intact
But she failing to be a saviour will have lost her savour
And be worthy only of the rubble of history’s ash heap

Esther was spurred into action and ordered a general fast
She would break protoccol and meet the king though it be her last
For the Queen could not appear before the king without invitation
And her reward could be indignation and Vashti-style expulsion

After the fast, Esther approached the king, the Sceptre smiled
God had favoured her cause and His people would not suffer loss
She laid a trap for the Jew-hunting Haman; inviting him
To a feast with the King and Queen, a last meal for the beast

There Esther told the King of his treachery against her race
The king was furious at the plot and soon Haman’s world was not
A carpet-crossing chamberlain told of the gallows so high
That he had designed for hated Mordecai to shamefully die

After he implemented his final solution to the Jewish question
There Haman died for his high treason against God’s people
Instead of extermination, there was jubilation and retaliation

The Prince of Persia still prowls seeking to decimate
Those he cannot dominate, while he fulminates furiously
It can only culminate in salvation for you and damnation for him

O thou elect of Jewish and Gentile races
Fear not the Persian Prince of many faces
Whether his spiritual incarnation as ruler of this evil age
Or the physical, as a naysaying, nuclear armed Iranian sage

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