Israel had sinned and God then binned them in Babylon
Refuseniks that rejected God and were promptly ejected
From the land of promise to a place of pagan promises

Daniel was among the Jewish natives that became restless captives
He was chosen to be schooled as part of the talent that was pooled
The King’s order was to gather the precocious on his side of the border

Daniel though in captivity never forgot the laws of his Deity
Nebuchadnezzar the King, by his signet and ring had instructed
That his bright fledglings be fed pagan delicacies in all cases

Yet Daniel balked, he talked the Courtier in charge into giving them pulses
The Courtier feared, if they looked worse for their diet, he was dead
Daniel and the three Hebrew children agreed to a review in ten days

Ten days later, the Hebrew quartet looked much better than those
Who had been eating the culinary treats of the royal kitchen’s feats
And thus they won a reprieve and were granted leave to be different

So never eat of pagan dainties, never conform to perform
Never for trifling laurels, discard your precious jewels of principle
Be eager to please, but do not forget that life is a short lease
Whose expiration comes with the reward of extirpation or salvation

Nebuchadnezzar once had a dream from Divinity’s realm
He was troubled by its significance and humbled by ignorance
He called his academy of spiritual arts, men of divers parts
Magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and chaldean pseudo-philosophers

They could not interpret the dream, for the king on a whim
Did not tell them his dream, so they had double trouble
They must recount it and interpret it or else they would be stubble

The King insisted on this and they were bemused and flabbergasted
They had hoped he will tell so that they could fabricate so well
With fair words and dark lies, interpreting as the crow flies

The King’s decree was death, to all the wise in the kingdom’s breadth
When Daniel heard of this, he knew this dart would not miss
So the quartet began to pray, that God would reveal the way
An escape from this temptation that could lead to wrongful execution

God who discerns thoughts, who finds where clues are not
Gave the dream and interpretation to Daniel and brought salvation
To the elect in captivity, not allowing them perish with the majority

The dream was about a great image with portents for age to age
The head was gold, the body was of silver, brass and iron twice told
For iron was twofold, first pure, then an unsure alloy of clay
Each metal represented one of the four great empires that would dominate
The Gentile dispensation-the fourth holds sway via clay to this day

The head of image was the Babylonian empire of idolatrous design and desire
For Nebuchadnezzar soon built a gigantic image of a holy man
And compelled all to worship or face torture more painful than horse whip

Decision time beckoned again for those with spiritual impulses
Should they bow to this ecumenical power or risk being killed in that hour?
Could they resist the religion of the known world and cling to revelation?

The three Hebrew children held on and were cast into the fire
The moment they landed in the furnace, God manifested His grace
The fourth Man appeared, it was He that the Hebrews really feared
The Son of God, whose reign makes Nebuchadnezzar’s a flash in the pan

While Daniel was in captivity, Israel’s exile was nearing finality
God through Jeremiah had allotted seventy years of pain and tears
When Daniel learnt by reading that only two years were remaining
He got desperate and earnestly prayed to know his people’s fate

God sent an answer immediately; Prince of Persia hindered valiantly
Daniel prayed on unknowing; till Michael’s obstacle clearing
The blocked Gabriel was now free to deliver the answer to Daniel’s plea
Faith and patience are superior tactics to Satan’s attritional antics

God gave Daniel more revelation than he sought or thought
He showed him the dispensation of Israel till the consummation
Seventy weeks of years were allotted, till all of Israel’s sins be sorted

Sixty nine and half weeks of the prophetic calendar are passed
Culminating in the crucifixion of the Messiah whose prophetic unction
Ended after three and half years-then the Gospel went to Gentile ears

The Jewish clock is paused till the two witnesses come for her elect stock
A remnant to be called in a hurry, a forty-two month final flurry
The Messiah was crucified in middle of the final week of years
Ministry of the two witnesses finish the week-thus ends our sneak-peek

God let Daniel see what the end of Jew and Gentile ages will be
Mysteries are revealed in every age not to the sage but those He loves
If in your study of Daniel, the miracle of lion’s den dominates
Read again and prayerfully ruminate for there is more to elucidate
Than avoiding a penal fate and overcoming a pride of leonine mates

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