Snippets: Hosea, Joel & Amos


All scripture is given by inspiration and so contains instruction
That may help on this pilgrimage of eternal salvation
And a sip from these little known vessels equals edification

We begin with Hosea whose life portrayed Israel’s whoredom
She was unfaithful to God who loved and bought her
So the prophet married one of easy virtue, nay two
A prophet and his message are one – in flesh and bone

Yet Hosea left a prophecy of return and redemption
Israel will be afflicted of God for two days for their evil ways
On the third day, there would be a dawning of revival rays

A day with the Lord is a thousand years
For two thousand years Israel was persecuted in dispersion
In this third millennium of Hosea’s prophecy of restoration
She has returned to her homeland awaiting clemency

Joel too prophesied of the coming of the Pentecostal blessings
He pointed to it, Peter looked back to say ‘this is that’
And any dispensational move of God must be a prophectic fact
Our claims must rest on ‘this is that’ – the Word backing the act

He spoke of a restoration for both natural and spiritual Israel
For the same insect in various stages of metamorphosis
Has fought the church through the ages with all its vices
All the church has lost, God will restore-Malachi tells more

Amos was but a herdsman, now called to be God’s swordsman
For Israel was doggedly sold out to idolatry without remedy
Judgement would fall, God will call down evil on the disobedient

Amos’s sword fiercely lacerated the false unity of future ecumenism
Two cannot work together except they agreed in need or greed
He lanced again at those who perchance may be puppets
In a theological dance; major revelations only come to prophets

And thus ends our cherry-picking of major fruits
From trees considered minor in our Lord’s manor
We shall return to harvest more nourishing truths

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