Snippets: Micah, Habakkuk & Zechariah

Micah spoke of the eternal world order
With the New Jerusalem as the capital
Of unarmed nations without a bother
All bringing tribute-righteous osmosis
To a pyramid shaped city on mount Zion
Whose builder is worthier than Moses

He wrote of a Bethlehem-born ruler
Who will deliver Israel from Assyria
In her time of siege and travail
Through Him, peace will prevail
He shall the redeemed remnant hail

Habakkuk teaches us to ably watch
Not the weather or the election
Neither our aspiration or inclination
But the scroll of prophecy unfolding
Slowly, till time’s final consummation

Through famine of fruit and flock
Though stores be bereft of stock
He says to rejoice by joyous choice
For our God cares and He surprises

The two olive trees Zechariah saw
Were Moses and Elijah-anointed thus
To flank God as three discipes saw
At the vindication of Transfiguration
These positions sons of Zebedee sought
Christ said ‘twas taken’ so they got naught

Israel would be an irritant to the world
And all nations would rise to hound her
They would advance but only so far
For her Deliverer would appear on Olives
Not weeping tears of Messianic rejection
But as the Warrior-Redeemer of the nation

In that day, Christ would reveal Himself
Cue for great mourning by His brethren
For rejecting His Person by prior piercing
Think of Joseph’s reunion with his brethren
Previous suffering paved future preservation

The age that sees Israel’s godly  renaissance
Would be the same of the bright evening light
Gospel’s morning sun would be reborn this way
For Apostolic light will end creed-clouded twilight
Thus evening and morning would be same day

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