Jonah received instructions from God
He was to liberate Nineveh with the Word
In Jonah’s opinion, that was bad unction
Why offer clemency to those who seek no mercy?

Jonah ran from the presence of the Lord
Which is as absurd as falling on your sword
Before you condemn him or make it seem
Preposterous, see the evidence against us

For we all shirk difficult truths in the Word
And in life’s decisions reject God’s perfect will
Because it points to thorny paths not waters still

But disobedience’s bequest is usuallly a tempest
As Jonah discovered on his Tarshish bound ship
Sailors tried all remedies-till Jonah was tossed
Besetting weight now gone, the storm was done

Those who doubt the Jonah and Whale story
Miss the point-for God ‘prepared’ a special
Mammalian submarine for His work and glory
A fish large enough to house and hold a man
Doubt does not hinder God-so never worry

The runaway prophet was now in peril
Wrapped in seaweed in fathoms beneath
Surrounded by sonar of a watery chamber
In a dark cell, awaiting suffocation’s death

Jonah called these symptoms ‘lying vanities’
He looked not at the chains of weeds around
Or the aphotic cavern conceit had caged him in
He wriggled and turned to where mercy is found
He looked to the temple and sought deliverance
Obedience had failed; Grace gave a second chance

The whale beached near Nineveh’s shore
God need not say more-salvation was in store
Jonah’s detour was God’s permissive will
He bent this to His perfect will after a lag
He does this still, when we follow our compass
And end up floundering in the regions of ‘alas’

Jonah’s three day sojourn in the whale’s belly
Was used by Christ as a shadow of his passion,
Burial and resurrection, for as Jonah’s return
Brought salvation to a doomed and sinful nation
So Christ’s resurrection justified a fallen creation

Tis clear that Jonah’s voyage of convenience
Was foreknown in God’s eternal grand design
For the elect’s paths are by God’s prescience

Our lives are a Divine medley of rhythm and rhyme
So if you miss a beat, don’t give up in depairing defeat
Rejoin the chorus, it is thus written in the hymn sheet

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