His Veil

This is a tale twice told
That God in times of old
Hid Himself from the eye
Lest man should seek to spy
And after deity-spotting die

Under the old Mosaic covenant
After bringing the elect remnant
He instructed and they constructed
A tabernacle for Him to dwell in

It was a holy tabernacle covered
With an outer layer of animal skin
God skin-veiled, not keen to be seen

But He that was veiled in animal skin
In the Old , imperfect testament
Replaced that with a Perfect screen
In the New, when He under another hue
Hid behind the covering of His Son’s skin

God was veiled in Christ for redemption
Just as He was in Tabernacle of adoration
Christ was His vehicle for reconciliation

Both Testaments had screening veils
One animal skin, the other Human
Look beyond the veil and see Jehovah
A God with skin on Him – a Man