His Command – The Leader Of The Exodus

When Israel migrated through the wilderness of woe
They were led throughout by a fiery Angel on the go
This Angel led them in the Name of a Mighty  God
Exodus twenty three shows they feared as they  trod

Who was this great and mighty Angel?
Who in God’s Name punished sinful shame
Who spared not those that willfully erred
A Cloud by day and a Fiery Light at night

Twas He who appeared on Jericho’s plain
Brave Joshua not knowing who He was
Sword-charged at Him to inflict pain
‘Are you for us or against us’ He asked
Man replied that He was the Great Captain

So the Leader-Commander of the Exodus
Became a Man-a preview of salvation’s plan

Malachi three promised that the Messenger-Angel
Israel greatly loved and desired would come
As Lord in His temple and many would tremble
For like the Angel He would purge those who dissemble

So it is not at all difficult to clearly see
That the fiery Angel of the Old covenant
Was the Great Captain of Israel’s Odyssey
Who is the Messenger of our New Testament
He is still our Captain on Salvation’s sea
Lord Jesus Christ – may all glory to Him be

The Name of the I AM & Pillar Of Fire

The wise man asked a question in Proverbs’ thirtieth chapter
It remains a riddle difficult to fiddle many centuries after
He asked ‘What is God’s Name and that of His Son’?
The Name – once known should be one and the same

God appeared in a bush to Moses as a great Fire and Light
Sending him with a message of escape from Egypt’s fright
Moses asked in whose Name the message should be sent
He was told it was the ‘I AM’ that had the liberating intent

Christ told the unbelieving Jews that before Abraham existed
He had always been the Great ‘I AM’ proving He was the One
That manifested Himself in the burning bush as a fiery Light
Which Saul saw on his way to make Damascus’ Christians forlorn
Stunned –  he asked for His Name and to his shock and shame
He heard the Pillar of Fire was the Jesus he wished to defame

The Great Elohim that Abraham met
Who to him the miraculous promise kept
Also appeared to Moses in the lit bush
As the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
He manifested again to stall Saul’s mad rush

Jesus Christ is the I AM , the selfsame Person
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His Temple

God was once content to dwell
In tabernacles constructed by man
Yet the design and building plan
Was from Heavenly Wisdom’s fount
For He called Moses to the Holy Mount
And showed him the unalterable pattern

This tabernacle was in no fixed place
But moved along with Israel’s race
All through years of wilderness sojourn
Showing that God’s presence keeps pace
With us in all phases of the journey we face

Then Solomon built Him a house
Again, Divine inspiration united
With human perspiration to build
A residence the Almighty wanted
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His Offices – Three titles of the Son

Christ as the great Deity was content
To be robed in flesh for Divine intent
Salvation was His aim which is still same
A timeless tribute to His changeless Name

On earth He was the Son of Man
He called Himself like Ezekiel before
As He was God the Prophet to Man
To revive sin-dead bones and more
Enacting climax of salvation’s plan

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