His Offices – Three titles of the Son

Christ as the great Deity was content
To be robed in flesh for Divine intent
Salvation was His aim which is still same
A timeless tribute to His changeless Name

On earth He was the Son of Man
He called Himself like Ezekiel before
As He was God the Prophet to Man
To revive sin-dead bones and more
Enacting climax of salvation’s plan

Presently He is the blessed Son of God
Thus we are pleased to call Him Lord
For after sin’s suffering He ascended
To do what in the holiest heights of heaven?
Mediating, Interceding for those confessing
Making the living pure from sin’s leaven
For Priests are appointed for those a-living
Then tis no fancy sleight or flattery fudge
To say He is both the Attorney and the Judge

The past is far gone and the present flees fast
Future looms and a Kingdom of eternal bloom
Jerusalem, David’s city will be capital for eternity
Christ the Son of David will claim sovereignty
For He is the rightful heir to this Kingdom fair

All Glory to Him Who was a Prophet – Son of Man
Who today intercedes as the Priestly Son of God
And Who in future will show the only true Potentate
Is the Son of David when upon ashes we have trod

3 thoughts on “His Offices – Three titles of the Son

  1. Sarah July 5, 2016 / 7:53 pm

    Lovely and Inspired as always!


  2. Lydia July 5, 2016 / 10:07 pm

    God hidden in simplicity and revealed in the same!


  3. Ibukun July 5, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    The word of God always new!


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