His Temple

God was once content to dwell
In tabernacles constructed by man
Yet the design and building plan
Was from Heavenly Wisdom’s fount
For He called Moses to the Holy Mount
And showed him the unalterable pattern

This tabernacle was in no fixed place
But moved along with Israel’s race
All through years of wilderness sojourn
Showing that God’s presence keeps pace
With us in all phases of the journey we face

Then Solomon built Him a house
Again, Divine inspiration united
With human perspiration to build
A residence the Almighty wanted

Solomon in his prayer of dedication
Prayed that the Jew in any situation
In peril at home or in a foreign nation
Who merely looked in the temple’s direction
Would receive help and Divine compassion

The dying Stephen reminded us that
The Almighty cannot dwell in man-made
Buildings; He that made the earth and Heaven
Should He not live in a place without human leaven?

Malachi ended the Old Testament
With a prophecy of God’s future intent
The Lord would descend in His Temple
The Hope of Israel will become visible

Christ was that palpable, Perfect Reality
Unlike the fleeting shadows that came before
There was no human help in this Construction
Twas Divinely designed and built with God at the core

God was in Christ reconciling the World
And all in peril who look towards this Temple
Just like in Solomon’s imperfect example
Would receive succour, solace and salvation





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