His Mercies: A tale of two Journeys

Israel’s exodus from Egypt to the Good Land
Typifies the Church’s march from Earth to Glory
Christ leads consecutive itinerant pilgrim bands
And scripts a similar but happily divergent story

Israel marched under banner of the Pillar of Fire
The Angel who led them in God’s Name was swift
To severely punish any enactments of sinful desire

For the blood of the old covenant was weak and frail
It merely covered sin without the power to remit
It deferred guilt with impaired mercy on wilderness trail

Since sin’s desire was not properly purged
It continually sizzled like a bubbling spring
Animal blood could not hold when it surged

With such a thin buffer Israel had to suffer
Each spike of sin earned a deadly swift strike
This journey was no tourney for the loafer

But Christ the Bread of Life came down
From His Glory to die and shed His blood
That His Church may win a golden crown

His royal Blood cleanses and remits sin however awful
Thus She obtains supreme grace to finish her race
She’s as sinful as Israel yet His blood’s more powerful

So on this earthly sojourn we are not forlorn
We have mercies to help end our journey alive
At our heavenly destination when day is done

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