His Manna – Then & Now

The gracious God that brought His people out
From the dark domain of Egyptian drudgery
Did not let them starve though they were without
Farming tools or barns and sans pots or pans

On the way He fed them daily with angels’ food
Such sweet sustenance from supernatural store
It was sufficient for daily intake but not more
Hoarding for greed merely supplied worms’ need
The rotting excess became the doubters’ chore

God is our Source on this exodus to glory
His spiritual manna is allotted to every age
Thus tis no use to stay on yesterday’s page

For the Pillar of Fire now as it was then
Is always moving closer to the Perfect Land
Now It is at the end – the border of hereafter
Today’s Manna sets the stage for Rapture’s age

Israel’s daily manna came from a heavenly bakery
If our manna is concocted in an earthly seminary
Our spiritual diet has been compromised by wormery
Theological kitchens typically spice yesterday’s recipes
But prophetic chef serves the Divine delight of the day

Israel happily subsisted on angels’ food
Our taste buds are superior for we feed
On what they desire to see and understand
What Peter opines in his epistle is true indeed

For the great end-time mysteries
And the nuances of redemption’s story
Cannot be known by angels in depth
For they never fell from storied glory

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