Nimrod’s Big Idea

Confusion reigned now crowned by terror of misunderstanding
Questions were rewarded with stares of incomprehension
Some thought it a joke-this unintelligible play-acting
But this derision midwifed the birth of mirthless frustration

All work soon stopped on the great tower
No more brick and mortar for want of what to utter
Nimrod’s pet project was destroyed in a hour

Nimrod’s idea was to unite all of humanity
In the great quest to ascend to heaven
By sweating sinews and ambition-fueled unity
They would make a name for all eternity
Broad way to the Sky-.png
They proceeded with fervour and gusto
And the edifice rose with rapid propulsion
Powered by the heat of their ecumenical flame
Till God was roused to douse this global passion

This He did by causing a confusion of tongues
The builders now spoke multiple languages
And cultured friends now saw each other as savages

Nimrod had led a one world government
On a united path to heaven-world religion
Twas a great world order of Godless living
Proudly promising a paradise on human terms

God has a provided way to get to heaven
Not by technological marvels or global travails
Nor the political union of billions of minions
It requires separation from sin’s leaven

Nimrod’s empire was crushed by an invisible Hand
He died with his beloved worldview in tatters
Yet spirits do not die and their ideas do not lie
In the dust for too long-for all earthly matters
Outlined in Genesis crystallize in Revelations
So Babel’s next act is now nearing manifestation


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