Appeal to Authority

A tale is told in the seventh chapter of John’s Gospel
About officers sent to arrest the Messiah
Who fail-for a minute in His presence their doubts dispel
Their Pharisee-masters are then filled with ire
Even the enforcers have fallen under His unknown spell

The men said Christ spoke with great authority
Never heard before veracity and profundity
To which the spiteful scholars replied with a sneer
How many of the leading Rabbis believe that Queer?

That was their major mistake – a magnificent mirage
To think that the Light of the age would only glow
In their body of theological creeds and scholastic weeds
God is vindicated by His Word, not by those who know

Millions perished-lost sheep slaughtered
For failing to follow the Messianic Shepherd
They believed the rabbinical goats-such that wear coats
A delusion that was divinely ordained and ordered

Appeal not to the fallacy of authority today
Lessons learnt on the way show that in each day
People twist themselves into dogmatic knots
And make their doubtful redoubt a castle of if-nots

One thought on “Appeal to Authority

  1. Leslie December 31, 2016 / 7:21 pm



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