Are You On Speaking Terms With The Rock?

While Israel sojourned in the dreary wilderness
They lacked water as they marched through dry land
They asked and received – God of the faithful band
Filled the thirsty throats from a flinty Rock
This Rock was ever present through the journey
Ever merciful, ever bountiful and always on cue
Paul tells us this ambulatory Rock was Christ
Smitten in type in the wilderness, He gushed to bless
O Fountain that saved millions of souls in distress
There He was struck that we be not dumbstruck
There He was smitten that we may never be beaten
He has since been crucified and then glorified
Speaking is the only way of accessing the Fount now
Say your need and make requests on any matter
Be not silent in the weary mode of a wary doubter
Speak to The Rock and He will bring forth His water

Chat On Paul’s Misogyny


A discussion of two friends
One accusing Paul of misogyny
The other defending his ends

Mabel: Paul must be a great woman-hater
How dare he say we should not teach or preach
Phoebe: Hate is not the heart of the matter
He was inspired to write that chapter
Mabel: I am ashamed of you for reverently
Accepting trash- tell me is there a female Spirit?
Why would It anoint two sexes differently?
Phoebe: We should be anointed enough
To believe the Word of the Lord
Mabel: Enough of this your anointing with limitations
Anyway it was only for wayward Corinthians
Their church had a problem with administration
Phoebe: Nay, Paul wrote as well to Timothy
Bishop of the well-run Ephesians
Mabel: I do not believe it is for me
Phoebe: But by two witnesses it’s established
A doctrine for all saints and churches
Mabel: Nonsense! A senseless copy and paste
From the template of Jewish law
Phoebe: Timothy exposes your argument’s flaw
Paul based his doctrine on the creation
And Eve’s fall sealed Adam’s primacy
Mabel: Story! Call me a usurper if you like
Fall or not, I shall be bishop of all
Just to wipe off your sarcastic smile
Phoebe: I will be smiling while you are in the post
Your inspiration is ambition’s unholy Ghost


Paul And A Head of Hair