Chat On Paul’s Misogyny


A discussion of two friends
One accusing Paul of misogyny
The other defending his ends

Mabel: Paul must be a great woman-hater
How dare he say we should not teach or preach
Phoebe: Hate is not the heart of the matter
He was inspired to write that chapter
Mabel: I am ashamed of you for reverently
Accepting trash- tell me is there a female Spirit?
Why would It anoint two sexes differently?
Phoebe: We should be anointed enough
To believe the Word of the Lord
Mabel: Enough of this your anointing with limitations
Anyway it was only for wayward Corinthians
Their church had a problem with administration
Phoebe: Nay, Paul wrote as well to Timothy
Bishop of the well-run Ephesians
Mabel: I do not believe it is for me
Phoebe: But by two witnesses it’s established
A doctrine for all saints and churches
Mabel: Nonsense! A senseless copy and paste
From the template of Jewish law
Phoebe: Timothy exposes your argument’s flaw
Paul based his doctrine on the creation
And Eve’s fall sealed Adam’s primacy
Mabel: Story! Call me a usurper if you like
Fall or not, I shall be bishop of all
Just to wipe off your sarcastic smile
Phoebe: I will be smiling while you are in the post
Your inspiration is ambition’s unholy Ghost


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