Saul Becomes A Brother

Brother Saul” said the astute Ananias
Who was Divinely sent to Straight Street
Where the blinded Saul was led to
There did the erstwhile foes meet and greet
The news had spread in the Christian fold
That Saul was arriving with fury untold
Ananias like others heard and feared
But God turned the script on its head
He appeared to the Ananias in a vision
And told him to pray for the prosecutor
Ananias was aghast-this man came to hound
God insisted-for He had turned Saul around
He that was a bother was now a brother
Who would yet suffer many things for the faith
Ananias prayed and Saul’s eyes were opened
To see the Gospel light on water baptism
Which dimmed the lights of dread and hatred
Then they parted-to meet again at Jesus’ feet

Mission To Damascus

It was a scorching day for a long march
Men and horses bristling with purpose
Bound to the Damascus to bind believers
Soon the sights of the city were close
Saul had been brewing his drink of indignation
The Christians would swallow its dregs
He would hound them in every Gentile nation
This hunting mission was scuttled by a vision
A Light from heaven-familiar to the scholar
For Saul correctly addressed Him as the Lord
Same Light that appeared while Moses trod
As he learnt under Gammaliel’s pedantic rod
Saul identified Him-but was soon mystified
For the Voice called Himself Jesus
Proving that He led Israel in the wilderness
Now a trembling Saul prostrate before Christ
Realized the vindication of the Messiah
For the Sacred Light of Judaism’s text
Illuminated a profound and singular fact
Same Jehovah of the Old Testament
Is the Jesus Christ of the New Testament
Saul fell doubting and arose believing
That Jehovah was in Christ Jesus reconciling
Christ was the entire Godhead-so no dividing

A Man Of Tarsus

Who was this noble man from Tarsus?
Who made Christianity a Gentile force?
This man from now-modern Turkey
Turned over more souls than the Turnkey
Peter, who acknowledged his anointing
And said he wrote mysteries that were edifying
To the elect and destroying to the doubting
This man born in the Jewish Diaspora
Fitting start for a Gospel Adventurer
A Roman citizen born in this free city
Meant he had a pass to an empire writ
Large, to preach where Christ was never named
This background meant he could tease
Greeks with their poets and use their metaphors
To send their logic sprawling on all fours
Yet he had not yet known what he would suffer
As yet he was chasing, harrying and going after
Christians with the threat of untimely death
And spells of being bound in prison
Till he saw the Light that came in midday stealth
And became a prisoner with chains of love
Still bearing letters-only missives from above