Successor Intercessor

Some say we need no Intercessor
To stand between a holy God and man
For the Cross cleanses the trangressor
And that is the entirety of salvation’s plan

A look at the Old Testament shadow
Would make such a believer furrow
Brow in consternation for ‎Mosaic pattern
Reveals details in a palette most modern

In the ancient Testament the worshipper
Sacrificed a Lamb – dying in His sinful stead
Sins were covered-from Divine wrath delivered
Still the High Priest entered the holiest once a year
With blood ‎interceding for the people with fear

Now Christ is the Lamb slain for our sacrifice
And past sins have been bleached into remission
Yet He intercedes upon our daily confession
With His Own blood in the holiest of heaven
A High Priest toiling till we are free from leaven



Mid-Verse Prophecy

Christ walked into the Synagogue one day
He took the prophetic scroll and read
The words He had inspired Isaiah to say
For seven centuries these words had been ‎said
Sung and chanted to worshippers enchanted
They understood it not for they sought it not
He paused in the second verse of the sixty first chapter
And closed the scroll and gave it to the Minister
For the unsaid part of that verse was for hereafter
For His Second Coming and future manifestation
He said ‘This day this Scripture is fulfilled’
That was then, now keep your eyes peeled
For the last part of that second verse is upon us
Seeing this, embrace the truth without fuss

New Things


Forgetting the things that are past
Whatever they are; good or bad
For yesterday’s greatness cannot last
And past failures are not to be had

March then into the pleasant future
Looking at the things as yet unseen
Pressing and stretching without rupture
Let moving forward be your golden mean

Forward to what, wherewith our surges?
What should kindle our passion for action?
Paul to the rescue, he says not to strive
For feud or faction but to live and thrive

By this attaining the mark for the prize
The reason for our calling in Christ
An objective not of any certain rank or size
For the Throne assigns to each his own

Forward then to the fulfilment of purpose
Your purpose personalised by the Lord
Now with masterful mindfulness maximized
Soar to greater things in 2018 by the Word