Jeremiah or Hannaniah?

Israel was a chosen race, called by God. There were a people with uncommon grace. But this covenant was dependent on being obedient.

After generations of idolatry and spiritual infidelity, God had enough. He thundered seventy years of Babylonian captivity for his erring children.
God thought it, Jeremiah said it and that should have settled it.
No so fast, for the political prophet Hannaniah countered the prophecy: the merciful God will only allow two years of captivity
A God of love or a Deity of doom, seventy years or two to calm their fears?
They believed Hannaniah yet a generation died pining in exile. They that despise the covenant lose all claims to the Grace they defy. 

His Veil

This is a tale twice told
That God in times of old
Hid Himself from the eye
Lest man should seek to spy
And after deity-spotting die

Under the old Mosaic covenant
After bringing the elect remnant
He instructed and they constructed
A tabernacle for Him to dwell in

It was a holy tabernacle covered
With an outer layer of animal skin
God skin-veiled, not keen to be seen

But He that was veiled in animal skin
In the Old , imperfect testament
Replaced that with a Perfect screen
In the New, when He under another hue
Hid behind the covering of His Son’s skin

God was veiled in Christ for redemption
Just as He was in Tabernacle of adoration
Christ was His vehicle for reconciliation

Both Testaments had screening veils
One animal skin, the other Human
Look beyond the veil and see Jehovah
A God with skin on Him – a Man




David: The Great King

From Jerusalem, David now reigned and all Israel obeyed
All Israel’s neighbours were conquered,by this great warrior
They brought tribute to him, all strangers submitted without a hoot
So Christ at His coming conquers all-those that oppose shall fall
And all outside New Jerusalem’s gate bring tribute to avoid sorry fate
David blessed with peace and victory desired to make history 
He wanted to build a temple for God whose ark dwelled in a humble tent 
This was his true intent and no feint of cunning policy
God halted him for his son would build the sanctuary 
David lost the honour he sought because he fought many wars
And God had decreed the temple would be built by a prince of peace

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Adam whose first being was a spirit
Created both male and female, dual in nature
Created a son of God with dominion to nurture
An earthly paradise to rule now and in the future

A spirit cannot cultivate the earth
Nor woo it and bring its fruits to birth
Adam shall be a spirit robed in dust
God decides, and unveils His sculpture-bust

While Adam roams his paradise
He may freely enjoy the fruits of all
But not the tree of duplicity and artifice
Not heeding this would cause a free-fall

Loneliness plagues this man
God surgically ends his righteous isolation
Eve appears, a mate for the man, from the man
Happy union of God’s will and man’s aspiration

This scene of glorious, perfect bliss
Is punctuated by Satan’s comma, a yes-but
A minor addendum to the command, a narrow miss
Eve seduced by new promises, is rooted to the spot

The narrow miss becomes a million miles chasm
Eve is lost, the wrath of God will surely descend
Adam knowingly joins in Eve’s sin-a saving mechanism
He stoops in the mire, God’s falling wrath to bend

Into hiding they go, until located by Sovereign Grace
God’s wrath is appeased by the provided propitiation
The Second Adam redeems His wife by becoming Her race
A love-filled tale of redemption by condescension.