His Mercies: A tale of two Journeys

Israel’s exodus from Egypt to the Good Land
Typifies the Church’s march from Earth to Glory
Christ leads consecutive itinerant pilgrim bands
And scripts a similar but happily divergent story

Israel marched under banner of the Pillar of Fire
The Angel who led them in God’s Name was swift
To severely punish any enactments of sinful desire

For the blood of the old covenant was weak and frail
It merely covered sin without the power to remit
It deferred guilt with impaired mercy on wilderness trail
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His Command – The Leader Of The Exodus

When Israel migrated through the wilderness of woe
They were led throughout by a fiery Angel on the go
This Angel led them in the Name of a Mighty  God
Exodus twenty three shows they feared as they  trod

Who was this great and mighty Angel?
Who in God’s Name punished sinful shame
Who spared not those that willfully erred
A Cloud by day and a Fiery Light at night

Twas He who appeared on Jericho’s plain
Brave Joshua not knowing who He was
Sword-charged at Him to inflict pain
‘Are you for us or against us’ He asked
Man replied that He was the Great Captain

So the Leader-Commander of the Exodus
Became a Man-a preview of salvation’s plan

Malachi three promised that the Messenger-Angel
Israel greatly loved and desired would come
As Lord in His temple and many would tremble
For like the Angel He would purge those who dissemble

So it is not at all difficult to clearly see
That the fiery Angel of the Old covenant
Was the Great Captain of Israel’s Odyssey
Who is the Messenger of our New Testament
He is still our Captain on Salvation’s sea
Lord Jesus Christ – may all glory to Him be