Eli & His Seed

A tale of Eli a high priest of Israel
Who ministered in the sanctuary with gravity
But failed to teach his family the merit of sincerity
His snickering and scurrilous sons lacked all solemnity

In the Aaronic priesthood, Levites planted no food
They were to live off the sacrifices of their brethren
But the offerings must be holy and consecrated wholly
To God first by fire, before the priest takes his desire
A portion for living not for lucre or gluttony’s leaven

But the two sons of Eli; Hophni and Phinehas
For greed and not need, fed fat with sacrifices
They took a tax of raw meat from worshippers
Leaving the residue for the Lord, second-best was his due
Israel became a nation of fractional sacrifices
A half-lamb or quarter goat as the priest pleases
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