Blind Guides

A lack of vision is a peril
Like a pilot flying blind
Unseeing and unknowing
He will crash with his kind
When blind spiritual guides
Lead by their gut instincts
They feel their way to riches
Tottering at the precincts
Living the night’s dream
Dancing around Hell’s rim
The Spirit offers eye salve
A balm for this blindness to
The Word in its fullness
He stands fully rejected
His truth is not needed
No cure then for this fever
Mere truth causes a shiver
Then a shrug for all’s well
‎With the wily wealth-meter


Saul Becomes A Brother

Brother Saul” said the astute Ananias
Who was Divinely sent to Straight Street
Where the blinded Saul was led to
There did the erstwhile foes meet and greet
The news had spread in the Christian fold
That Saul was arriving with fury untold
Ananias like others heard and feared
But God turned the script on its head
He appeared to the Ananias in a vision
And told him to pray for the prosecutor
Ananias was aghast-this man came to hound
God insisted-for He had turned Saul around
He that was a bother was now a brother
Who would yet suffer many things for the faith
Ananias prayed and Saul’s eyes were opened
To see the Gospel light on water baptism
Which dimmed the lights of dread and hatred
Then they parted-to meet again at Jesus’ feet