Malachi: End Foreshadowing Beginning

Malachi was the last of the prophets before John
After him the era of law and testimony was done
But it was four hundred years before the new begun

He spoke of the elective love of God for Israel
Which they doubted-thinking of absent blessings
Doubt not, Malachi said, look around and about
From Esau’s Edomite children learn some lessons
For while the light of love shone on Jacob’s seed
The ruin of perdition awaited Edomite vile weed

God’s love is manifested by mercy’s dewdrops
Not in indices of success or abacus of affluence
If to you the arm of the Lord is clearly revealed
You are at mercy and truth’s blessed confluence
If the Bible to you is not a book of arguable parables
Be elated you are elected, do not ape the rejected

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