Light Conquers Fear

There is a Man here who can
Turn on the Light of deliverance
At earth’s dawn He called order
From the chaos of insouciance
And defeated darkness with Light
The benighted foe still fights on
With black arts of weaving unbelief
Waving a wand of doubt and fear
Till he is defeated by the Light
So resist the urge to scream in despair
Let the piercing Light of His promises
Illumine the dungeon’s deepest cellars
And dry your tears for Son-Light is near
If the escape route seems unclear
Or your faith has vanished into a void
Call Him and one Finger flips the switch
Sending demon-caste scurrying in fear

Hannah: Sows In Shiloh, Reaps In Ramah

The woman from Ramah was praying in silent anguish
Tears flowed down rapidly at first then slowed
Around her lips, grounded by a wordy stream
From her heart that poured out from the body part
Called the mouth in noiseless, rippling prayer

Eli the priest was seated in the Shiloh Tabernacle
Diligent at his duty post as the keeper of Divine Oracles
He saw the woman mouthing inaudible nothings
What! Another phoney first from the Hophni generation?
A drunken reveler babbling in the place of consecration?

He approached Hannah with a sarcastic admonition
Hannah did not erupt at the false accusation
She demurred and explained her childless situation
For her humility Eli blessed her with supernatural possibility
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Gideon: From Latent Valour to Potent Warrior

One day a man was threshing wheat by a winepress
And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him
The man was Gideon, and he was working in oblivion
He could not raise his head for the oppressor’s dread

Israel had sinned against the God they once adored
So He had removed His protective shield from their borders
And sent the Midianites to ravage their coffers
For seven years Israel toiled to sow, while Midian toyed
With their harvests, carting away their labour’s fruits

Then they cried for deliverance from penury
They remembered they had a mighty God
Who had helped their sword to win many battles
God found a man to use, it seemed like a ruse
For he was hiding for fear of Midianites arriving
Lest he lose his entire harvest to the eastern pests
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