The tale of king Hezekiah is of a man whose utmost desire
Was to please his Maker and never incur His ire
Though he succeeded king Ahaz an idolatrous father
He rid the kingdom of idols lest sin should fester any further

He restored the Passover and feasts of convocation
He made the nation of Judah a holy congregation
At the time of his coronation, the priesthood was no good
It was vile with pagan weeds and defiled by idolatrous habits
As a more righteous intercessor he righted the priestly transgressors

At the start of his reign he rebelled against Assyria
Who had subdued Judah during the reign of his father
His gallantry set Judah free and made her be
The dominant power of the hour-for neighbours brought tribute
And the state that was a slave to sin now become lord of her scene
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Isaiah: The Year Uzziah Died


Isaiah was a prophet that lived in the days of Uzziah
His life and ministry was long-it spanned the reign of four kings
Uzziah was the king in his youth and so was Hezekiah in his dotage

Uzziah’s faithfulness and fame was a great example to Isaiah
This king was a role model, a man blessed as far as one could tell
Isaiah loved him for his godly stand and was welcomed by the royal band

For what godly king would not honor an earnest, young prophet?
Which prophet would detest a court which never treated him as a puppet?
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