The Good Adversary

There once lived a woman
Who spoke ill of nobody
And for each enemy she
Had something good to say
Still her friends thought
There was a chink in her
Armour of goody-goody
And so they asked ‎gleefully
What do you think ‎of Satan
To their shock she described
The villain as a good adversary
Think deeply and you will agree
There is good and evil in that tree
Even the evil works out God’s plan
For the trials of the Christian work
Like a mill to finely grind ‎out
The Divine purpose on earth
Knowing this-we can say with
The Spirit that all things work
Together for our good ‎and His glory

Job’s Trial


Job was a blessed man who loved the Lord
He had a happy family-seven sons and three daughters
Job had prospered too in animal husbandry
He had about eleven thousand animals in inventory

His children-like offspring of the wealthy had their stealthy parties
Where Job was an uninvited guest to the serial feasts
Though he was not going, he would not commit the sin of not knowing
Daily he made sacrifices for any sin that might have been
Committed by his frolicking kids while they sported

If a finite man who cannot foretell filial transgressions
Should by paternal love make such a provisional propitiation
It should not surprise us that God, knowing our lot
Slew the Lamb of God-a provision for redemption by blood
Before the world began and sin started it’s wicked span
Being infinite He foresaw all and made a propitiation by predestination
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