Importance of Revelation – Uzziah’s Usurpation

Uzziah was a great king of Judah. He had followed the Lord from his youth. He knew the Word. God had blessed his loyalty. He was by many accounts the greatest king since Solomon.

All was blissful and peaceful till Uzziah decided to ruffle the order of his kingdom.
One day the king decided to offer sacrifice at the altar. He was not a priest. He was not of the tribe of priests – Levi. In the temple,  priests rushed to stop his infamy. They pleaded, yet he would not be dissuaded.
While he held the sacred censer, his skin turned to that of a leper.
This is a warning to us coming after – for times when ambition defies revelation’s tether.

Isaiah: The Year Uzziah Died


Isaiah was a prophet that lived in the days of Uzziah
His life and ministry was long-it spanned the reign of four kings
Uzziah was the king in his youth and so was Hezekiah in his dotage

Uzziah’s faithfulness and fame was a great example to Isaiah
This king was a role model, a man blessed as far as one could tell
Isaiah loved him for his godly stand and was welcomed by the royal band

For what godly king would not honor an earnest, young prophet?
Which prophet would detest a court which never treated him as a puppet?
None for both, but soon a crisis was to rock this smooth-sailing boat Continue reading

Uzziah’s Moment

This tale of Uzziah is a cautionary tale
It tells of ego inflation and destiny deflation
And that pride’s trajectory often lands in crash territory

Uzziah was a blessed from birth-he was born a prince
To a godly, royal father who taught him not to wander
From God’s way never to depart but to serve with his heart

Uzziah was a blessed teenager too for he was King at sixteen
Not for him the vile symptoms of juvenile delinquency
Instead absolute authority and royal responsibility was his
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